At Racing Recap you’ll find detailed, up to date race recaps of Formula One and sometimes other roadracing series on two and four wheels.

I’ve four years of experience recapping live racing events including Formula One, MotoGP, and World Superbike from my sofa. The demands of race recapping in the middle of the night, in the early morning, and taking time off work to be sure I managed every race {without financial recompense} drained my love for writing about racing, forcing a hiatus for 2014-2017. I still watched & cheered & followed & tweeted. I even tried writing again in 2015.

Now, though, I miss the writing too much not to return {with a few caveats}, beginning with the 2017 Formula One Australian Grand Prix. I write each recap live, watching video feeds of the race, as well as using Twitter and live timing & scoring to keep track of as much as possible.

See the Race Recapping Nerve Center tab above to see what recapping a race looked like at my old apartment and my parents’ house. Now, I’m in a new house, working out a new setup.

See the archives here for race and qualifying recaps from the 2013 Formula One season {my most recently recapped season}, originally published during that season on other sites, including FOX Sports 1 online.

All new recaps published as soon after the checkered flag as my wee, tired fingers can manage. This is the transcript of what I would say in the commentary box.
Requests for recaps of other motorsports events will be considered, requested in advance of the event, and accounted for their compliance with my work and life schedule.

If the race is on during the day, EST, I will likely find it impossible to recap. I wish I could make it to the track, but right now my livelihood is selling t-shirts to tourists, mostly in the summer and mostly on the weekends.

find links to the recaps on Twitter @RacingRecap
find me on Twitter @VMRvictoria
or email me at vmr.racingrecap@gmail.com

See my previous race reporting at On Any Sunday, These Days.

a safe, happy, and exciting race season to all.
{Victoria M. Reid}


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