Scott Dixon’s Family Pictures

rr scott dixon

IndyCar and NASCAR are big on families. Race coverage regularly focuses on personal lives, kids, spouses, human interest stories. It is good for business, and nobody is better at it than Scott Dixon and his family.

Sure, there are plenty of cute kids roaming around the garages. Kyle Larson, Clint Boyer, and Tony Kanaan have adorable boys, Felipe Massa represents family in the F1 paddock, and Jimmie Johnson’s girls are a dynamic duo. DaLana and Kevin Harvick’s child is a font of social media hilarity, and Kelly McNish tweets great stuff from the kids at home.

But nobody, and I mean nobody, has the visuals quite as right as Scott and Emma Davies Dixon. The girls are front and center and always, always, always matching Dad’s firesuit & the car’s livery.

Maybe not matching, exactly. Nobody’s in team kit {let’s take a moment to ponder a baby in a tiny firesuit}, but Poppy and Tilly usually each have some sort of same-but-different outfit that echos the colors of the car, no matter the sponsor.

And, I wouldn’t swear to it, but I’d put down decent money that when Target still sponsored Ganassi in IndyCar, those dresses came from Target.

I don’t know if these outfit decisions come from Scott & Emma, a PR person, a nanny, somebody at the team…whomever does decide, though, deserves a round of applause. This is the sort of subtle, subliminal message that resonates.

Marketing & PR & the sponsorship money that keeps racing, well, racing, depends on the messages that sneak in your heart & mind as much as the ones that hit you over the head. Just watch when Scott Dixon starts the 101st Indy 500 from pole on Sunday. That visual cohesiveness is a lesson from which the rest of the racing family can learn.


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